How to watch YouTube Videos on Nook Tablet

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How to watch YouTube Videos on Nook Tablet Empty How to watch YouTube Videos on Nook Tablet

Post by eastdavi on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:19 pm

Not long after Amazon released Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet was announced by Barnes & Nobel, an inexpensive $249 tablet.

While both the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are decidedly consumption-only devices, the Nook Tablet appears to be the more well-thought out of the two. Its battery life is better, its store is better arranged and easier to use, and it’s less stutter and aggravating overall.

The low price Nook Tablet is a great competitor to other tablets. The Nook Tablet has world’s most advanced VividView 7″ Touchscreen, displaying 16 million colors ultra-bright. So it’s great for us to take it and watch videos on Nook Tablet. I like watch YouTube videos on tablets, maybe you have the same hobby. Do you want to play YouTube videos on Nook Tablet? Here are some Nook Tablet tips for you.

1. Download Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro.
The professional Online Video Converter will help you capture and download any videos or music shows or episodes from almost all websites, such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo! Video, MTV, Metacafe, Fox, CBS etc. It can also help you download and convert all YouTube videos to Nook Tablet, more formats and devices are supported.

2. Open the video website you want to download, for example, we open
3. Capture video URL and download.
When you are previewing FLV/F4V videos or music shows, the downloading program will auto-capture the URLs for saving. You may see the specific information in Detected URL List. Then specify one that you want to record and click download icon in the right sidebar to create video download task.
4. Set output format.
You can enable the “Convert to video” option and then choose the output format: Android> Nook Tablet (*.mp4), choose this format will help you convert YouTube video to mp4 for Nook Tablet.

5. Start converting YouTube to Nook Tablet.
After you have finished the above steps, click “OK” in the New Download window to start. The YouTube to Nook Tablet converter will run smoothly. Then you can import videos to Nook Tablet for watching with ease.

Now, you may have known how to watch YouTube videos on Nook Tablet, just put YouTube videos to Nook Tablet and enjoy it!


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