How to watch AVI/MKV movies om Nook Tablet

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How to watch AVI/MKV movies om Nook Tablet

Post by eastdavi on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:20 pm

This week, BARNES & NOBLE Nook Tablet has been sent to more and more customers’ hands. The 7-inch tablet offers more mainstream consumer appeal due to the content ecosystem backing the product. The low-cost Nook Tablet may be not for everyone, but I think a tablet of this size will provide you a better viewing experience due to the larger display when compared to a smartphone. With the world’s most advanced VividView? 7″ Touch screen, it’s great for entertainment.

The BARNES & NOBLE Nook Tablet is very easy to use practically anywhere, so I often use it in places where I’d never try to use a larger tablet. After I got it, I often download videos from YouTube to Nook Tablet, sometimes I also download movies from other websites such as Netflix Hulu Plus and Pandora. Most of the videos or movies are AVI or MKV formats, most of them can’t directly play on Nook Tablet due to the codec. So I convert AVI/MKV to Nook Tablet MP4 formats for watching. Here are some tips for you if you don’t know how to play AVI/MKV videos on Nook Tablet.
1. Free download Foxreal Video Converter.
This is an excellent software, it converts AVI/MKV to MP4 for Nook Tablet, besides it can convert nearly all common videos to Nook Tablet. Video Converter Patch is recommended to download which supports latest devices such as Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire.
2. Install and launch the best Nook Tablet video converter.
3. Import the AVI/MKV video you want to convert, and then choose the best video output format for Nook Tablet.
Click format column and choose Android> Nook Tablet (*.mp4). This format is perfectly supported by Nook Tablet.

4. After choosing the format, we can click settings to see detail information of the format, and we can change the profile parameters. In video column, we can set codec, size, bitrate, frame rate; in audio column, we can set codec, sample rate, bitrate and channels. If you want videos with low volume, you can adjust the bitrate or size to a lower parameter.

5. Edit function is very useful in the software. You can use Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect and Audio Replace feature to edit the videos which you want to convert.

5. Click conversion to start. Video Converter for Nook Tablet runs smoothly with video and audio synchronization perfectly guaranteed
Now, maybe you have known how to watch AVI/MKV videos on Nook Tablet, just put videos on Nook Tablet and enjoy yourself.


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