How to watch AVI videos to Nook Tablet

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How to watch AVI videos to Nook Tablet

Post by eastdavi on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:25 pm

As far as i know, Nook Tablet don’t support AVI videos playing. However, you may just like me have some avi videos and would like to enjoy avi movies on the go via Nook Tablet. In this case, we have to do something in advance to make the avis can be played by Nook Tablet. In other words, we should change avi videos to mp4, this format is friendly with Nook Tablet.

Most people prefer big screen to watch movies. Owing to its 7 inch screen, we hope all the space is used for movies, that’s to say, when we watching movies on Nook Tablet, there is no black side, movie fills the full screen. How to make it? Don’t worry, just follow the guide step by step, you will realize it.
Step 1. Install a avi to Nook tablet converter on your computer.
Recommended: Foxreal Nook Tablet video converter.
With it, you can freely transcode avi videos to mp4 for Nook Tablet with quality lossless. When the installation is done, import your avi videos into it.
Step 2. Choose output format.
Recommended: H.264 mp4
Easily Get: Android -> Nook Color (*.mp4)

Full screen settings:
By choosing the nook color profile, you just need to click “settings”, then, you will see the full information of this profile, modify the “size” as “1024*600“. As follows:

Step 3. By pressing the big button to start converting avi videos to Nook tablet.
If you are super movie fan, except dealing with avi videos, you still want to convert other format videos or DVD movies for Nook tablet, you can read the following articles:
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Or looking for an all-in-one tool, you can try Foxreal Video DVD Converter Ultimate, it can help you converting DVDs and most video files to any format you need.
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