Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k

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Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k Empty Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k

Post by umasensongpinoy on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:17 am


Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k E5xvn5dt4c1r
Welcome to our TEAM![/b]

FeedyCash is a new program that can generate lots of revenue for anyone and everyone. Both recruitment and non-recruitment can earn from spillovers/spillunders/buy referrals/PIF members from its system. Their Benefactor (Pay-It-Forward) Program works for both interested visitors and established members. For established member who cannot sponsor or advertise, it is easy to put your site on auto-pilot and have guaranteed members added to your downline in a short period. Interested visitors can also join and have one of FeedyCash established members pay-it-forward and complete their membership for them. All they have to do is do the same in return for someone else.

Membership Key Benefits.

1. Sponsor Bonus $5 for every member you sponsor.
2. Completes matrix Bonus for every Board
3. Unlimited and Free Re-Entry for every Board
4. Matching Bonus for every Board
5. Paid for Next Board for every Board until to Diamond Board.
6. Unlimited Text ads impression
7. Unlimited Banner ads impression
8. Unlimited Download Products inside member area.
9. Buy / Sell Downline ($2 / position)
10.Free Spillover /Spillunder


There are 6 level or boards in our compensation plan Every body start at FEEDY CASH BOARD.

Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k Feedy

Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k Look

Join our TEAM and earn up to $20K for a one time payment of only $19!

Why Join Our Team?

Our TEAM uses a Next-In-Line team building system.
As a member of the TEAM, you will be given 2 downlines in Level 1. Those 2 downlines will earn you $10. (Feedycash pays $5 for each 1st level downline)
Those 2 downlines you have at your Level 1 will also have 2 downlines each on their Level 1. This gives you 4 downlines in Level 2 that will essentially complete your Feedycash Board. You will earn $10 for the completed board and you will be entered to Bronze Board For Free.
This process will be repeated until you reached and cycled in the Diamond Board.

How do You Get Paid?

Feedycash pay via AlertPay or Liberty Reserve, the same processor that is used to pay the membership fee.
It pays within 24 hours Monday to Friday from the time you made a withdrawal request.


How To Join Team?

1. Send me a Private Message or make a post here.
2. You will be given an FeedyCash sign up link.
3. Register using the FeedyCash sign up link that was given to you.
4. Make sure that you have the right enroller and fill up the sign up form.
5. Pay for the activation of your FeedyCash account. (You will need $19 for this in your Alertpay)

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Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k Empty Re: Join Feedycash-2D team: $19 to earn up to $20k

Post by pinoy100 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:00 pm

great team! must join! we can work together here mate!


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