Blu-ray to Nexus 7-Transfer Get the Gringo/Three Stooges Blu-ray movies to Nexus 7 for playing

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Blu-ray to Nexus 7-Transfer Get the Gringo/Three Stooges Blu-ray movies to Nexus 7 for playing

Post by hih164 on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:10 pm

Blu-ray to Nexus 7-Transfer Get the Gringo/Three Stooges Blu-ray movies to Nexus 7 for playing

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After a long development history, all of the Spider-Man films were produced by Laura Ziskin and distributed by Columbia Pictures, the primary film production holding of Sony. The first three were directed by Sam Raimi, and the reboot was directed by Marc Webb.

Google Nexus 7 is equipped with the latest version of Android, 4.1, codenamed Jelly Bean. The Android 4.1 based Tablet doesn't have a built-in BD drive and to get the Spider-Man 1080p HD movies from Blu-ray Discs to Nexus 7, if you have some Blu-ray collections and want to play Spider-Man, Get the Gringo, Three Stooges, Lockout, Margaret Blu-ray movies on Nexus 7, you may have to convert Spider-Man Blu-ray movies to Nexus 7 supported H.264 or MPEG-4 first. You'll need some help from the third-party software.

I have tested many Blu-ray converters, Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a recommended tool which can easily make it. It is easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of Blu-rays. Just follow the guide below to transfer Spider-Man Blu-ray to Nexus 7 for playing in just a few clicks.

Step 1. Free Download the top Blu-ray to Nexus 7 Converter, add your Spider-Man BD files or other BD movies to the program.

Step 2. Choose video format for Nexus 7. Just click "Format > Android > Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4)". The preset profile is specially designed for Nexus 7 and supplies Full-screen playback.

Tip: You can customize the output parameters in the Nexus 7 Blu-ray Ripper:

Step 3. After the steps above, just press the "Convert" button to start rip/compress Spider-Man Blu-ray movies to Nexus 7 support format: MP4 Format.

After the conversion, just transfer/copy the converted Spider-Man Blu-ray movies to your Nexus 7. In this way, you can watch Spider-Man Blu-ray movies on Nexus 7 Tablet and enjoy the Blu-ray movies on the go! Latest Blu-ray movies are supported, like Get the Gringo, Three Stooges, Lockout, Margaret, etc. With this converter, you can put Get the Gringo Blu-ray on Nexus 7, put Three Stooges Blu-ray on Nexus 7, put Lockout Blu-ray on Nexus 7, put Margaret Blu-ray on Nexus 7.

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