Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join-

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Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join- Empty Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join-

Post by pinoy100 on Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:28 pm

Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join- Cashtwistinfo
Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join- Ct3n

Look out for “The Twist” activation button!

When you have paid for Level 3 you will see The “Twist” Activation button!
This allows you to enter Phase 2 of Cash Twist where a 2nd Downline is built for you.
More about The “Twist” later !

Take Control Of Your Future !
Never rely on Spillover
Take ownership of your own destiny.
You want $31,670 ? Then GO GET IT !

Build a relationship with your Team, both Upline and Downline. Work together for mutual success.

We have given you the System - Use it!

Never stop promoting Cash Twist !
As you assist your Downline to build their business,
all those members are also in your downline paying you.
Your goal should be to get ALL your Downline to activate The

Important Details :
You can only receive payments up to the Level you have attained.
Example: if you are at Level 1 you CAN NOT receive Level 2 payments.

It is essential to take notice of what your downline is doing at each level and Upgrade early to ensure you do not miss any payments.

If you are not at a Level that your downline wishes to pay for, the payment will pass to your first Upline member that is at the appropriate Level.
The System will always detect the correct member to receive payment.

You MUST Log In every day and Confirm Payments received.
Confirming Payments is a simple one-click operation.

Follow The Simple System
Never rely on Spillover, make it your mission to refer just 5 people.
Upgrade as soon as you have 2 Paid Referrals at each level.
You will only ever have spent $9 one-time out of your pocket.

More about The Twist !

As soon as you have Upgraded to Level 3 you will see the “Twist” activation button.
Activating The Twist allows you to enter Phase 2 of the System.
We use the same simple System but with a starting Level of $15,
rising to $25, $45 and $80 as you progress through the Levels.
This time your 1st Tier is only 4 members wide, designed for SPEED

Now you can receive another $23,820 Directly from your new Downline

This time your Downline is built for you !
Only Proven Paying Members are invited to “The Twist”
and placed in your Downline.

Did we say you can earn another $23,820 ?

When you activate "The Twist" we will show you an option
to increase that to $95,280 !

To start your incredible journey with just $9

By Joining Team Unite I(pinoy100) Will Help you to get your 1st Downline to Breakin Your $9 invetment and also your upline will help you to get 1 downline to get you into your 2nd lvl upgrade!


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Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join- Empty Re: Cash-Twist Team Unite -must Join-

Post by pepper on Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:42 am

Sounds cool Smile


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