How to play Blu-ray Movies on Nook Tablet

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How to play Blu-ray Movies on Nook Tablet

Post by eastdavi on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:24 pm

This week, Nook Tablet has been released and will ship to your hands in several days. The new Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble’s attempt to elbow in on this holiday season’s crowded tablet landscape. At $249, the slate is being positioned as a direct competitor to Amazon’s budget Kindle Fire. Thus far, the device has yet to capture the public’s imagination in the same way Amazon’s tablet has — due, at least in part, to the many similarities between it and last year’s Nook Color.

With the great and cheap tablet, you can read e-books on Nook Tablet, download Android apps and games to Nook Tablet, and stream videos to Nook Tablet for watching. What’s more, you can put movies to Nook Tablet and watch them anytime, anywhere.
Maybe you have accumulated a lot of Blu-ray discs, now you can download Blu-ray movies to Nook Tablet and watch these striking movies again when you travel or spend holidays. Amazing high-definition movies will enhance you HD experience. But, Nook Tablet doesn’t have Blu-ray ROM, then how to play Blu-ray movies on Nook Tablet? Below are some useful tips for you.
1. Free download Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper.
Install and launch the software. It will help us to convert Blu-ray and DVD to Nook Tablet. Blu-ray Ripper Patch is recommended to install which supports Nook Tablet and more devices.
2. Load your Blu-ray disc or ISO file into the software and choose the best Nook Tablet video format.
Click Format column to choose Android> Nook Color (*.mp4). This format is perfectly supported by Nook Tablet.

3. Edit function is very useful in the best Nook Tablet Blu-ray converter.
You can edit the video before conversion. Trim, Crop and Watermark functions are useful and convenient.

4. Click conversion to start.
Video and audio synchronization is perfectly guaranteed, and CUDA is supported in windows version.
After converting, connect Nook Tablet to computer with USB wire, and load movies to Nook Tablet, you can start playing movies on Nook Tablet as you want.


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