One FREE Link... Promotes All Your Affiliate Links!

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One FREE Link... Promotes All Your Affiliate Links!

Post by earn2day on Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:00 am

[b][center]Why just build your list when you could be advertising 5 of your Banners and 5 of your text ads at the same time all for FREE!

Plus set up a RSS-Ad and Testimonial page FREE! All this advertising and only one page to advertise.

Most list builders help you build your list and you still have to advertise your programs.

Here you have the best of both worlds Advertise 10 of your programs and build your list all in one!

I already have 64 referrals in my list plus have gained sign ups to my other programs.

This is one of the best programs I have found that allows you to maximize your advertising by

promoting all your offers at the same time while building your list. Plus check out all you can download here for free!

Sign up FREE and get Results!

*** Optional ***

You can upgrade your account for these additional benefits:

Your SponsorAds rotated on all free adboards

Qualify for 50% commissions from upgrades in your downline

Random referrals in your downline

More exposure for the ads in your account

Access to AdboardZ ProBooks : downloads + free upgrades

Access to our paid forum section

Free upgrade in my new site Sticky-Ads

Limited offer: 1-year Platinum in TrackerBoard

The one-time fee of $20 is well worth the benefits you will get.


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