How to make 150$ in 30 days

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How to make 150$ in 30 days

Post by BlackM00N on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:22 am

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to the new and improved concept of Clix-Cents. They have implemented a new concept of membership - payment concept which in my opinion is unique and innovative all the same.

From the start i want to tell you the site is meant for a tiny investment of 2.5$, else it is pointless to even click there
as Standard (IMHO).

There are 4 stages of membership, Standard, Premium, Working Capital 1 and Working Capital 2. After Registration you should Upgrade to Premium for a mere 2.5$ fee monthly and you get 40 ads/day, your click is worth 0.04$ (yes 4 cent) and your referrals click is worth 0.02$ (2 cent). If we do a little math here, you can earn alone 1.6$ (dollars). 48$ a month alone! But of course everyone has referrals.

Now, the payment policy is cash out at 150$ and they guarantee the Pay out as follows, 75$ by requesting your 150$ cash out, nd then you must upgrade to the next level of membership, Working capital 1 (15$ / month). Few days after upgrading you will receive you other 75$ payment.

There are enough proof of payment on the site forum and manyusers have confirmed me their payments through mail, apart from site.

If you are interested you can register here:

I am open for any questions or guidance to those registering and upgrading under my link.

Referral exchange for anyone upgrading to PREMIUM under me

You can see here Rates and some payment proofs:

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